How To Make Your Own Hub Page To Skyrocket Your Own Ranking

The vast majority of amateur SEO people never discover the power behind  creating their own hub pages.   A hub page is a page that links out to a lot of other places (hopefully high quality places) that all fit into one similar category.  Hub pages are very important for certain search engine algorithms including the HITS algorithm.

If you do a lot of research looking at inbound link profiles of top ranking websites, you will find that many of the pages ranking highly have links from pages that could be considered hub pages.   Naturally, if you are trying to mimic what those top ranking sites are doing with their SEO, then you should probably have a few hub pages of your own that link back to your website or your specific web page.

Creating them is really pretty easy to do.  Just follow these guidelines.

1)      The content must be unique at the snippet level.  Do not copy text from any other pages.  Write a unique description of the link and add some unique sentences around it.


2)      Link out to several other pages on authoritative websites that are about the same topic.  Make sure that each of the other sites is a trustworthy site.  Do not link to anything borderline.


3)      Make sure the primary keyword you want your page to rank for is in the page URL structure for the hub page you are creating.


4)      Make sure the primary keyword is in the page title of that hub page also.


5)      Link to your money page with a close to perfect anchor text of what you want to rank for.


Hopefully you understand those steps without me needing to go into a detailed explanation of each one.  Just to make sure you are clear about them, I will explain each one a little bit more.

The content for your hub page needs to be unique at the snippet level.  That means you should not use a spinner to generate your content.   The text immediately surrounding your link needs to be unique.  It is well worth your time to make it so.

You need to link out to several of the most trustworthy sources of information you can find about the same topic you are linking to on your money page.   The best kinds of targets for these links are pages from university or government websites.   Non-profit organizations also make pretty good targets.   By linking to those places while also linking to your own site from that page you are establishing a high trust relationship.  That is the whole purpose.

One of the things that really helps to create relevancy is by creating a hub page that has the primary keywords in the URL structure and the title.   This allows Google and other search engines to see that the page is about your topic.  Then that page links out to several high quality sources of more information on that topic.  Your money page is one of those sources.  

Use the ideal anchor text for creating that link back to your site.   It is also okay to use something other than exact anchor text as long as the link is still very descriptive.

If you build a handful of these kinds of hub pages with links back to your page and then funnel some PageRank to them, you will see what a difference it makes.   This is a really easy way to create high value links for your own website.

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