Store Coach Notes – Chapter 2 – Finding a Supplier(s) for your Store

Chapter 2 – Finding a Supplier(s) for your Store

Introduction to Find a Supplier for Your Store

The Store Coach system is based on dropshipping. You may have heard that drop shipping is a scam, but they have created 40 ecommerce sites that use drop shipping.


Introduction to Brand Names

We need to find out what the top brands are within the niche or if the brand is already in the key phrase, we only want to carry that one brand.


Identifying Brand Names to Target

Type your keyword into Google and go to each site until you find one that lists the brands.

You can also put your keyword into the Coach’s Keyword Tool to see if any brands come up. This also tells you how many searches there are for each brand.

Go to a major shopping portal:

1.  – look on the right hand side for the Brands button. Sort it alphabetically and then copy the list.





Identifying the Manufacturer of a Brand Name

The ideal situation is to find a manufacturer that will dropship. They might call it direct to consumer or direct ship. The goal in getting the ecommerce store up and running is to just find one supplier (manufacturer), not all of them. After the store is making money, then you can go back and add manufacturers.


Do I Need a Business Entity?

The main reason to create a business entity is to get suppliers because they will usually want a seller’s permit. All you need is a DBA (doing business as). You look more professional and capable when you use a business name.





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