Store Coach Notes – Chapter 3 – Get a Domain Name

Introduction to Get a Domain Name

We’re not trying to become a household name. We want to become a little specialty shop. All of our traffic comes from search engine rankings for our keyword. The domain name doesn’t really matter because most visitors will come one time, make a purchase and then never come back.


Method #1 – Domain Names That Already Rank in Google

Pros: Already ranked, but with the Coach’s Keyword Tool, you’re able to find keywords with low competition, so it isn’t quite as hard as it would normally be to rank a new domain.

Cons: Cost – around $200-$300
Awkward to approach website owner who’s website is not for sale

To find a domain:

Search for your keyword in Google

Look through the first 50 results

If site looks underutilized, like if it’s an adsense site, contact the owner either through their online contact form or by getting their email address from whois.

Email should look like this:

Subject: actual domain name


Would you be interested in selling your domain name to me?



Method #2 – Use Coach’s Aged Domain Finder Tool

Pros: domains are for sale (cheap) and may already have some pagerank and have some of your keywords in it

Cons: not ranking

If domain has keyword phrase in it, then it’s ok if it doesn’t have pagerank or backlinks. If domain doesn’t have keywords, then domain should have pagerank and backlinks.

Make sure to check to see if pagerank has been faked by using their tool






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