Ultimate WordPress Membership Site Pack

Contains these products:

Instant Membership Site Creator

Membership Site Income Strategies

Beginners Guide To Membership Sites

WordPress Membership Site Video Course

Start a Membership Site in Just 24 Hours

How to Create a WordPress Membership Site – Video+3 BONUSES!

How To Create Niche Membership Sites For Instant Paypal Cash

The Membership Site Formula – with 2 Mystery BONUSES!

Membership Sites On Crack – Audio Course + 2 Mystery BONUSES

Get 9 HOT Products on Membership Sites, along with two Mystery BONUSES!

Listed below are the 9 products on membership sites you will get as part of this package:

Product 1. Instant Membership Site Creator:

Are you Looking for an Easy Solution to Create a Password Protected Membership Site? With Instant Membership Site Creator , You Can Create Your Own Membership Sites in 60 Seconds!

Main Features of Instant Membership Site Creator

This software will create membership sites with the following features:-

* Creates a Password protected members only folder in your website.

* Creates Signup Forms for your customers to create membership account.

* Works with multiple payment processors (ClickBank, Paypal etc) to collect membership access fee.

* Includes a system to create unique user ID and password for all members.

* Provides an easy to use Admin Control panel to manage your members.

* Add all new members into your AutoResponder (Aweber, GetResponse etc.) system.

* Advanced Search Option to search members User ID, Email, Receipt number, IP address etc.

* The purchase details of Clickbank customers will be automatically added to the database

* The transaction details of Paypal customers will be added to the database

* Easy to use Admin Setup page to modify system variables.

* An option to add your One-Time-Offers (OTO) to the welcome page

* Provides a lost password retrieval utility for your members to retrieve their forgotten login details.

* Creates Difficult to guess Signup Page URLs and Database names for extra security. We have provided 3 different signup pages instead of a single signup form given in the previous version:

a) Common Signup Page-

This Common Signup page will work with any payment processor like Paypal, Clickbank, 2Checkout and others. This Signup page can also be used for Free Membership Access.

b) Signup page exclusively for Clickbank Customers-

Using this Signup form, only paid Clickbank customers will be able to create membership account. Clickbank Receipt number, customer name and email address will be added to the database. So it is easy for you to list or search Clickbank customers in the Admin Control panel

c) A Signup page exclusively for Paypal Customers-

Only paid Paypal customers will be able to create membership account (Using PayPal IPN). Paypal Transaction ID and Paypal Email will be added to the database. So it is easy for you to locate members paid by PayPal.

* Provides details on Data backup and signup page settings in the System Settings page.

* Desktop tool with built-in Tutorial and help.

* Works in Microsoft Windows Vista, XP, ME, 2000 and 98 OS.


* Advanced Search Feature: Search User ID, Signup Email, ClickBank Receipt#, Paypal Transaction ID, Paypal Email, name and IP Address.

* Member List Option: Two list buttons are included – list new members and list all members.

* An Option to add your One Time Offers (OTO) in the welcome page. Just copy and paste the OTO page HTML code into the Admin Setup page and OTO will be displayed at the bottom of the welcome page – so all new members will see your new Offers after they have created their membership accounts.

* Encrypted Paypal Button Code Fields: Instead of providing Raw Button Code fields, you get Encrypted Paypal Return URL, Notify URL and Custom Field for extra security. You can easily copy and paste those fields into your PayPal buynow/subscription button code.

For each signup, the system will verify with PayPal whether the new member is paid the exact amount you specified to the given PayPal email address. This option is suitable for both single payment membership access and monthly recurring membership access.

* You do not have to worry about Manual Membership Script Installation, No more MySql Database setup.

* Hack-proof system



Product 2. Membership Site Income Strategies:

How Would You Like to Make Money From Your Customers Over and Over Again While Only Selling to Them Once? The Secrets to Massive Membership Site Profits Revealed!

Introducing “Membership Site Income Strategies”

Inside, you will discover secrets like…

* What niche to start in membership site in to virtually guarantee that your customers will love you and want to stick with your membership site! (big hint – it is different for everybody)

* How you can have a profitable membership site without even needing a website – that is right, you can create a membership program without a domain or hosting (although there is the option to use a website)!

* How you can set-up your membership sites and collect monthly paychecks from each of them without EVER having to touch them (no joke, I do mean completely hands off)

* How you can create a membership program where members will actually feel bad for leaving!

* How to get your members to continue paying you month after month even AFTER they have gone through your membership program!

* How to squeeze more money out of your members without them even noticing (actually, this is not such a big secret)

* How you can make MORE money by offering access to your membership site for free!

* The one (simple, but huge) mistake on your salespage that will cause tons of people to leave your salespage without subscribing to your membership

* The one aspect your membership program needs to have to instantly skyrocket its perceived value to the customer and cause more members to stay subscribed

* The exact tools you will need to easily create your membership sites (most of which are completely free)



Product 3. Beginners Guide To Membership Sites:

9 pages – 3,409 Words

The Contents Of This Ebook Are:

1. Why Membership Sites are the Wave of the 21st Century?

2. The Different Types of Membership Sites

3. Web 2.0 Websites

4. Playing on Exclusivity

5. Getting Free Members – Going for Volume

6. Community-Driven Membership

7. One Thing All Membership Sites Have in Common

8. Ideas and Inspirations on Membership Themes That You Can Use

9. Following Your Passion

10. Profitable Membership Ideas

11. How to Quickly Start Your Own Membership Site for Under $500

12. Getting a Domain Name

13. Hosting and Website

14. Building Your Members List

15. Membership Software

16. Recommended Resources


Product 4. WordPress Membership Site Video Course:

Do You Want To Create Your Own Membership Site Using Only WordPress And Free Plugins? Then This Step-By-Step Video Course Is For You!

It is no secret that WordPress is the easiest way to create a money-making membership site! In these videos, you will learn:

* How to Install WordPress (using either Cpanel’s Fantastico or manually; both the methods are shown – you can choose whichever option you prefer!)

* Where to get the RIGHT plugins to make your site more functional

* Which plugins to use to make your site search-engine-friendly

* How to set up a single level recurring membership site

* How to set up a multilevel single payment site

Once you get these videos and follow the instructions included, you will have your site up and running within a couple of hours. There is nothing more you need to purchase – everything is included in this package.

This product comes with PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS! For your convenience, the videos come in three formats:

* AVI (editable)

* Flash (Streaming to watch in your browser)

* WMV (Windows Media Player)

On top of that, you also get the WordPress plug-in that I modified to make my membership site work!


Product 5: Start a Membership Site in Just 24 Hours:

Learn How to Start a Membership Site in 24 Hours, Using WordPress and Mostly Free Software (For Less Than $50)!

65 pages – 16,698 Words!

Chapters Covered in This Report are as Follows:


Module 1: – OVERVIEW

-Hour #1: – The Right Attitude Means Everything
-Down to Your Last Match


- Hour #2: – Choosing a Topic for Your Membership Site
- Hour #3: – Give Your Site the Best Chance to Make Money


- Hour #4: – Yahoo Answers / Amazon / ClickBank
- Hour #5: – EzineArticles / Forums


- Hour #6: – Creating Your Hook
- Hour #7: – Start With The Sizzle


- Hours #8-9: – Set the Table
- Hours #10-12: – Paying Your Dues
- Hours #13-17: – Cementing Your Future


- Hour #18: – Setting Up Your Studio
- Hours #19-22: – Record Your Videos


- Hour #23: – Website Setup
- Hour #24: – WordPress Membership Site Setup

Module 8: – FINISHING UP

- Hour #25: – The End… and a New Beginning


- The Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Start a Membership Site


Product 6: How to Create a WordPress Membership Site – Video:

Give Me Less Than 1 Hour and I’ll Show You How to Easily Setup a Monthly Membership Money Machine with WordPress!

The most successful marketers in the world know that establishing a monthly money-making vehicle is the key to building fast and reliable wealth. Now you too can open the same door to riches!

Here’s what you’re going to find inside the package:

- Step-by-step instructions that will have your membership site up and going in less than one hour.

- The crucial settings your need to ENSURE are correctly established to keep your membership-only materials safe from the prying eyes of non-members.

- A super-easy way to maximize your membership profit by offering up to four different paid levels plus an optional free level.

- Cash in with many different currencies. You’re not limited to U.S. Dollars and you’ll see exactly how to set it up.

- Sell Individual Pages of content as well. People do not have to join as a member and your content is fully protected

- Using “Custom Capabilities” to increase the number of packages you can sell.

Plus much much more!


Product 7: How To Create Niche Membership Sites For Instant Paypal Cash:

By creating small simple membership sites you can become a “guru” in just about any market almost overnight! People respect good quality information and they really respect people who run quality membership sites.

In this report I am going to show you how to start making small, very lost cost niche membership sites on the fly. These sites will earn you an ongoing income for as long as the sites are kept up.

I am also going to show you how to sell these businesses later on down the track for INSTANT LARGE SUMS OF PAYPAL CASH.

Chapters Covered in This Report are as Follows:

1. Introduction

2. Step 1 – Find A Hot Niche Market

3. Step 2 – Coming Up With An Idea To Base Your First Low Cost Membership Site Around

4. Step 3 – Creating Your First Low Cost Membership Site Easily

5. Step 4 – Getting As Many Members As You Can As Quickly As You Can – Reverse Engineering Your Traffic

6. Step 5 – If It’s A Winner, Create Smaller Spin Off (More Expensive) Membership Sites

7. Step 6 – Sell Your Membership Sites For Large Instant Cash

8. Step 7 – Repeat The Entire Process Again

9. A Few Extra Tips – How to Squeeze Every Last Penny Out Of Your Subscribers!


Product 8: The Membership Site Formula:

Learn How I Created A Compelling Membership Site That Has An Average Retention Rate Of 18 Months!

25 of my members have been paying monthly for almost four years!

You can duplicate this formula.

So if you are considering creating a membership site to earn recurring income (which I highly suggest!) you need this report.

Here is what you will learn:

* Who you specifically need to target to ensure long term success
* How to set it all up for free
* How to properly set up your membership site
* The importance of OTO’s (script included)
* The products that sell best
* Up to 5 membership levels. One free and four paid using free script.

Once you have these secrets in hand it is easy to create a successful membership site!

Chapters Covered in This Report are as Follows:

1. Introduction

2. A little about me

3. What you will learn in this report

4. Part One – Membership Site Parameters and Target Market

5. Rights Explained

6. Membership Site Parameters

7. Part Two – Product Creation

8. Types of products to create

9. The product creation process

10. Step 1 – Find what people want information about

11. Step 2 – Research and find information about this subject

12. Step 3 – Create an outline

13. Step 4 – Put the product together

14. Part Three – Creating Your Membership Site

15. If you are on a limited budget – do it for free

16. Membership Site Setup

17. Your site’s theme

18. Setting Up Membership Levels

19. Bonuses

20. One Time Offers

21. Implementing a OTO into S2Member

22. Communicating With Your Customers

23. Promoting to your target market

24. Forum Marketing

25. Getting Into Google

26. Conclusion


Product 9: Membership Sites On Crack – Audio Course:

Imagine – Raking In Money Month After Month While Your Competitors Struggle To Produce, And Market, Infoproduct After Infoproduct!

The “Membership Sites On Crack” Course comes in two formats:

1) A 45-Minute Audio, in .MP3 format

2) A 23-Page Report in .PDF Format!

Here is what you will learn in the “Membership Sites On Crack” Course:

* The Easiest Way to Create a Membership Site… why most membership sites fail, why many of mine failed and what I learned from those membership sites that didn’t fail… and your “7 level member site action plan” you will use to easily avoid our stupid mistakes!

* The bar-none easiest form of membership site you can create… that’s remotely hosted by over a dozen companies and doesn’t require any script installations on your part.

* How to use continuity offers to add a new stream of monthly autopilot income… in sixty seconds or less!

* Why you probably get the wrong idea when you think “membership site” … and how you can start your own membership site right now, even if you have a very limited amount of information to supply your buyers.

* How to Avoid subscriber attrition by using my grab bag of “continuity saving” tactics… apply all, or just the one you want!

* The perfect recurring membership site model that requires no work to keep money coming in month after month…

* How to Avoid the most common sales obstacle that the MAJORITY of membership site copywriters fail to address, and how you can cleverly shape your offers to make your continuity MORE appealing than your standalone products… without sacrificing profits!

* How to use the exact same back-end funnel offers currently in place by Netflix, Ed Charkow, Amazon.com, and basically anyone who makes any sort of decent money online…

* How you can make the most amount of money using your membership in the shortest amount of time possible… by _______ it while you still can! (It is NOT what you think!)

Chapters Covered in The PDF Report are as Follows:

1. The Easiest Way to Create a Membership Site

2. Level 1: “EMail Autoresponder” Membership

3. Level 2: Continuity Affiliate Offers

4. Level 3: Single Payment Membership Sites

5. Level 4: Recurring Membership Sites
-Service-Based Membership

6. Level 5: Front-End Funnel Offers

7. Level 6: Back-End Funnel Offers
-Payment Levels
-Trial Offers
-Affiliate Programs

8. Level 7: Escape Plan


Here is A Summary of Everything You will Get in This Package:

Product 1. Instant Membership Site Creator

Product 2. Membership Site Income Strategies

Product 3. Beginners Guide To Membership Sites

Product 4. WordPress Membership Site Video Course

Product 5. Start a Membership Site in Just 24 Hours

Product 6. How to Create a WordPress Membership Site – Video

Product 7. How To Create Niche Membership Sites For Instant Paypal Cash

Product 8. The Membership Site Formula

Product 9. Membership Sites On Crack – Audio Course

To make the deal even sweeter for you, we are even including two announced bonuses with it! Only those who purchase this product from us will be able to get the bonuses at NO cost!

So what are you waiting for? Order today for just $7.

$7 (yep, you get it all for 7 bucks!)

30-day money back guarantee!

In case you are not 100 percent satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us within 30 days of your purchase and we will refund every penny! No questions asked!

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